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New Jersey’s Best Home Improvement Contractors [2024 Edition]

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The Top New Jersey Contractors Rated By Home Owners

New Jersey, May 20, 2024 – Whether you are hiring a contractor to solve your yard drainage issues, to redo your backyard, or to remove trees on your property, you need to put your home project in the right hands. Hiring the right contractor for your home is crucial and the search process can be tedious and long. That’s why we have ranked the top contractors for New Jersey homeowners based on reviews and expertise. Here is our list for 2024:

      1. 1.

        Yard Drainage: Titan Paving and Yard Drainage

        For over fifteen years, Titan Yard Drainage has been New Jersey’s expert in solving yard drainage issues. Titan understands the long-term effects of drainage problems if they are not solved properly, which is why its solutions are expert and long-lasting. Whether it is tackling a yard, patio, or driveway drainage issue, Titan’s expert solutions are professionally installed and range from french drains and dry wells to window wells and rain gardens. At Titan, Don and his team of yard drainage experts pride themselves on delivering the most reliable and high-quality yard drainage solutions to their customers. Titan has recently located to Salem, MO.

        Location: Salem, MO

        Phone: 908-654-4944

        Email: Get Paving or Yard Drainage Estimate

      2. 2.

        Windows: Royal Prime Windows

        Royal Prime has been New Jersey’s trusted replacement window and installation company for over 40 years. As a family-owned business, Royal Prime prides itself on offering easy and affordable window solutions to its customers. With a wide variety of window products, Royal Prime sells both commercial and residential windows to contractors, homeowners, and business owners. Royal Prime makes the window shopping process extra convenient for its customers by serving as a factory direct window outlet and installation service. Along with its high-quality products, Royal Prime is also known for its exceptional customer service.

        Location: Kenilworth, NJ

        Phone: 800-354-0076

        Email: Get Windows Estimate

      3. 3.

        Painters: Solis Painting

        As New Jersey’s top rated painting company, Solis Painting offers the highest-quality and most affordable professional painting services. With its interior and exterior services, Solis Painting transforms clients’ homes and bring their painting visions to life. Before applying any paint, Solis’ staff carpenter carefully cleans and repairs surfaces while its color consultant helps clients choose the perfect paint color for their home. Alan Solis and his expert painters, like Monk and Certa, know how important the appearance of your property is, which is why they guarantee that Solis Painting will leave your home with long-lasting impressions.

        Location: Springfield, NJ

        Phone: 908-531-4554

        Email: Painting Estimate

      4. 4.

        Kitchen Remodelers: ALEX Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

        The award-winning professional kitchen designers from BKC of Westfield are sought after by homeowners throughout New Jersey, including in Westfield, Scotch Plains, Summit, Cranford, Chatham, Mountainside, and the surrounding towns, to support their family’s lifestyles by creating kitchens that integrate functional kitchen design, precise installation, and high-quality cabinets. Reputable companies with many options manufacture their large selection of feature-rich cabinetry. BKC also offers complete kitchen remodeling and construction services.
        Location: Westfield, NJ

        Phone: 973-435-6567
        Email: Kitchen Estimate

      5. 5.

        Custom Home Builder: Charles Contracting

        Charles Contracting has earned its reputation as Union County’s top custom home builder by their dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and the use of the authentic, historically accurate building materials. Also, the Charles Contracting team has been recognized by the community, as well as historic societies, receiving many awards for its luxury home building. If you have passed through the towns of Westfield, Mountainside, Summit, Berkeley Heights and Short Hills you are sure to have seen their work. They are also well known for historically accurate home renovations and restorations, and beautiful whole-home remodeling.

        Location: Mountainside, NJ

        Phone: 908-233-0551

        Email: Home Building, Remodeling, or Renovation Consultation

      6. 6.

        Landscapers: RF Landscape Construction and Yard Drainage

        Scotch Plain’s, RF Landscaping is known for employing the most expert contractors that specialize in yard drainage, landscape design, construction, and management. With an emphasis and deep understanding of the topology and ecology of Union County properties, Rich Fidlow and his team bring your landscaping dreams to life. Whether it is designing and installing horticultural services, eliminating pooling rainwater, landscape stone masonry, or low voltage lighting, RF efficiently tackles every project head on. Once RF has enhanced your property, its crew is available to maintain your lawn whether it is weekly or seasonally. Regardless of the type of project, RF Landscaping promises clients that it will take care of each property as if it were its own.

        Location: Scotch Plains, NJ

        Phone: 908-276-6895

        Email: Get Landscaping Estimate

      7. 7.

        Oil Tank Removal: Tank Solutions

        For over 40 years, Tank Solutions has specialized in in residential oil tank removal, oil tank detection with tank sweeps, and soil testing and remediation services. Tank Solutions’ expert services include oil tank removal, soil remediation, oil tank installation, oil tank search, and property acquisition. The company’s team consists of fully licensed oil tank removal professionals who meticulously conduct all necessary tests before beginning a project. Tank Solutions’ clients praise the company for its smooth, thorough, and safe services.

        Location: Kenilworth, NJ

        Phone: 201-230-0481

        Email: Get Oil Tank Removal Estimate

      8. 8.

        Masons: Celoski Masonry

        Celoski Masonry is the definition of an authentic family-owned business. Although the children have expanded the company tremendously since their grandfather started Celoski Masonry, they still uphold their grandfather’s values of delivering projects on time and within budget. Offering a wide variety of services ranging from brick pavers to custom blue stone installations, these masons ensure that all projects will enhance your property in the most affordable and timely manner.

        Location: Paramus, NJ

        Phone: 888-391-2356

        Email: Masonry Estimate

      9. 9.

        Plumbers: Max Sr & Paul Schoenwalder Plumbing

        For over 100 years, Max Sr & Paul Schoenwalder Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning has offered dependable and affordable services to New Jersey homeowners. Known for its same-day HVAC and plumbing services, Max Sr & Paul Schoenwalder a variety of expert plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services. With a team of the most skilled technicians in the area, the company has an unbeatable reputation for its excellent customer service.

        Location: Union, NJ

        Phone: 908-409-1226

        Email: Plumbing Estimate

      10. 10.

        Lawn Sprinklers: Green Acres Landscaping

        Known as one of New Jersey’s best design and build firms, Green Acres Landscaping makes clients’ outdoor living space visions come to life. Specializing in landscaping, design, irrigation, construction, and property management, Green Acres offers a wide variety of services, including the installation of lawn sprinklers. Clients rave about Green Acres because of its high-quality, affordable services and ceaseless customer commitment.

        Location: Linden, NJ

        Phone: 908-966-4876

        Email: greenacresnj@yahoo.com

      11. 11.

        Tree Removal Services: Z Tree Experts

        Z Tree Experts is recognized as one of New Jersey’s most trusted tree service companies. Specializing in tree removal, stump removal, and tree pruning, the Z Tree Experts work on both residential and commercial properties. Clients praise Z and his expert crew for their top-notch services, speedy clean-up, and reasonable prices.

        Location: Montclair, NJ

        Phone: 973-910-8733

        Email: Tree Estimate

      12. 12.

        General Contractors: G. Greenwald Carpentry

        For over 40 years, G. Greenwald Carpentry & General Contracting has been one of New Jersey’s top general contractors. Gary and his expert crew offer a variety of services, including contracting services for residential and commercial properties, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and repair services, emergency services and convenient handyman services. Each project G. Greenwald Carpentry & General Contracting takes on is truly quality work at a reasonable price and his clients can attest to his excellent customer service.

        Location: Union, NJ

        Phone: 908-688-2984

        Email: Contracting Estimate

      13. 13.

        Builders: Wyanoke Builders

        Since it was founded in 2009, Wyanoke Builders LLC has been recognized as one of the best construction companies in New Jersey. Wyanoke Builders LLC offers three separate construction segments: residential, commercial, and millwork. As a family-owned business, Wyanoke Builders LLC highly values transparency and only aligns itself with the most skilled partners. At Wyanoke Builders LLC, building relationships with their clients to make their visions come to life is a priority.

        Location: Montclair, NJ

        Phone: 973-944-0638

        Email: Contracting Estimate

      14. 14.

        Electrical Contractor: JLC Electrical Contractors

        JLC Electrical Contractors are a contracting company that provides a wide breadth of electrical services to bring any home improvement project to fruition. From a wide variety of electrical installations, repairs, and even maintenance, customer satisfaction and safety are paramount to the relationship they strive to cultivate every step of the way. They implement the most advanced electrical products, and rigorous safety standards in their efforts to install new lighting features, electrical panels, or remedy any electrical issues that may arise. Their knowledge and experience helps them manage both customer vision with safety in creating a cohesive plan to solve even the most complex of problems that customers undergo. This helps to create an enduring relationship so many customers swear by.

        Location: Manalapan, NJ

        Phone: (732) 332-1100

        Email: Get Electrical Estimate

      15. 15.

        Flooring Contractor Dan Higgins Hardwood Flooring Solutions

        Dan Higgins Flooring is a premier flooring contractor who uses his over 35 years of experience and industry expertise to help with the install, refurbishment, and repair of any and all wood flooring. They are not limited in the capabilities and materials and pair a variety of stains, finishes, styles, solid and engineered wood, as well as a variety of types. Their refinishment services help restore flooring that has undergone heavy use to reaffirm the durability, and aestehtic appeal. Their professionalism, reliable services, and efficiency pair to put customer satisfaction first.

        Location: Medford, NJ

        Phone: (609) 953-7766

        Email: Get Flooring Estimate

      16. 16.

        Siding Contractor Roofing Trenton Roofing & Siding Inc.

        Trenton Roofing and Siding is a well known and respected roofing company that offers a plethora of services for residential and commercial properties. Their prominent install, repair, and maintenance offerings are paired with restoration at the highest level of commitment, excellence, and diligence. The satisfaction of customers lies at the core of Trenton Roofing, and their willingness to use any material from shingles, metal, and flat ensures that these needs, and any other client preferences are met and exceeded every step of the way. They strive to create roofs that not only serve a functional purpose, but instill a pride in customers with both performance and aesthetic appeal.

        Location: Trenton, NJ

        Phone: (609) 393-6780

      17. 17.

        HVAC Contractor William C. Fox HVAC

        Fox Heating and Cooling is well regarded for the variety of HVAC services they offer for both commercial and residential properties, as well as their focus on creating healthy and comfortable living spaces. They offer heating, ventiallation, and air conditioning services and strive to provide customers with efficient and reliable products and services. Their technicians hold high levels of commitment, and knowledge that are key for customer satisfaction. This has led to their high levels of trust for both residential and commercial clients alike. They strive to offer holistic and high quality services regardless of the scale and complexity of the project. Burners, furnaces, boilers and air conditioners are all easily within the capabilities of the impressive and knowledgeable company.

        Location: Burlington, NJ

        Phone: (609) 877-6659

        Email: Get AC or Heating Estimate

      18. 18.

        Garage Contractor Epoxy Garage Design

        Epoxy Garage Design is a professional garage renovation, flooring, and storage company that specializes in flooring and storing solutions for all types of garages through decades of experience, high quality materials, and durable coatings. They offer a variety of design tactics, aestehtic options like solid colors, flakes, and finishes, as well as using a variety of advanced seaming techniques that pair with the top grade materials. Their craftsmanship is exhibited through their attention to detail, quality materials, and professionalism that helps sustain client relationships for years to come.

        Location: West Amwell, NJ

        Phone: (908) 285-0109

        Email: Get Gragage Estimate

Finding the right contractor for your home project is essential. Shorten your search process by checking out one of our recommended contractors for homeowners, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

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