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Why Cranford Is Ideal Now

What makes Cranford such an ideal town to do business in?  To start, the population in Cranford is constantly expanding.  At a 1.39% growth rate, Cranford is flourishing with new individuals and families, increasing the amount of potential customers and local businesses.  However, Cranford’s population is not the only thing that is booming.  The downtown area has been exploding with new popular restaurants and businesses.  Additionally, Cranford’s ideal location also makes the town very attractive for businesses, considering its close proximity to New York City.  With NYC only a quick train ride away, Cranford businesses take advantage of the opportunity by attracting residents who commute and even connecting and networking with fellow companies in the city.

The Business Community

To add, Cranford is full of groups and organizations that connect local businesses to one another.  For instance, the Cranford Area Chamber of Commerce recently had its 73rd anniversary, holding numerous networking events, social gatherings, and community projects throughout the years.  Cranford’s Centennial Village is another town committee that consists of volunteers who focus on building up the Centennial Avenue business district.  Although Cranford is considered a small town, its size definitely does not restrict the amount of businesses that are located there.  Therefore, many business committees and organizations are located within Cranford for the purpose of networking.

Cranford Business Environment

Lastly, Cranford is an ideal town to do business in because of its available and easily attainable permits.  Receiving an official permit to begin a business in Cranford only requires four steps.  First, a business owner must meet with the Business & Economic Development Office in order to receive a Cranford Business Information Packet, which includes all of the applications, regulations, and guidelines an owner must be aware of and sign off on.  Then, the business must attain a Zoning Permit, concerning the business’ location and any simple construction or renovations that will occur.  Step three entails receiving a building permit if a business plans on taking on any major interior or exterior construction.  Finally, the last step to receiving a permit for a new Cranford business applies to any restaurants or food establishments.  These business will be inspected by the Cranford Health Department.  Depending on what type of business an owner will begin, the permit process will be different for everyone.  However, Cranford truly makes the permit process very comprehensible and easy to follow. In fact, the number of flourishing business, such as Cranford Electricians A & H, Perrotti’s Quality Meats, F45 Training’s Personal Trainers and Stay Cool’s Heating and Air Conditioning are testaments to this thriving economy.

The Future of Cranford Businesses

Overall, Cranford is a perfect town to do business in because it constantly explodes with new opportunities.  With its growing population, several business committees and organizations, and easily attainable permits, Cranford truly is an ideal town for local businesses and companies to begin their journeys.

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