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What is the cost of getting a new Central Air or Ductless Air Conditioning System installed in New Jersey?

How Much Does A New AC System Cost?

Staying cool at home is essential during hot summer days, so your home has to have a sound air conditioning system. Air conditioning installations/replacements can be very costly, but you don’t always need to spend as much as you think. There isn’t a cookie-cutter answer as to the exact cost of a replacement or installation because there are different factors that play into the task. An air conditioner replacement could cost anywhere between $4,000-10,000. The majority of the cost goes into the material, while the labor portion is much lower. Unlike projects like painting or plumbing, this isn’t generally a task you want to take on as a DIY assignment, but there are ways to keep things as budget-friendly as possible. Some variables will play into the price of the actual replacement, but there are also things you can do to keep your units up to date to avoid replacements for as long as possible.

New Jersey AC Contactor, George Touloumis from Stay Cool Heating and Air Conditioning Services suggests having your AC, Mini-split System or Central Air Unit AC serviced by cleaning the condensing unit coils, checking the amp draw on the compressor, lubricating oil the fan motors and other moving parts, checking the operating pressures, adjusting the thermostat for proper operation, testing and adjusting all refrigeration controls, checking coolant and Freon levels, checking for Freon leaks, etc., yearly is essential to efficient, money-saving performance.

Simple tune-ups like this only cost around $125-250 bearing any complications/need for accurate repairs. NY Air Conditioning Contractor, Leo from Prestige Heating, Air Conditioning & Construction states, “The most cost-effective way to keep your monthly AC costs low and avoid costly AC repairs. Air conditioning systems not serviced typically lose 5-10% operating efficiency each year.”

Variables of House Painting Pricing

The determinants of pricing depend on a variety of factors. To start, the cost of a project depends on whether it is an interior or exterior painting job.

Variables of Installing a New Air Conditioner

  • The Type of Air Conditioner System

    There are eight different types of air conditioner systems: central air conditioner, ductless mini-split, window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, floor-mounted AC, hybrid/dual fuel air conditioner, smart air conditioner, and a geothermal air conditioner. The central air conditioner system is set up, so air is chilled at the central location, and from there, it’s dispensed to and from rooms with one or more fans and ductwork. The thing that makes this air conditioner system possible is its air conditioner compressor. The other type of unit is the ductless mini-split system. This type of air conditioner system doesn’t require any ducts to condition the air, which is a major factor for some homeowners because ductwork can be a large component in estimating the cost of an installment. The window air conditioner system is a simple option and the kind you’ll usually see in schools. It’s a single unit that contains all of its parts and components enclosed within one box or casing. It’s generally mounted in a window and plugged into a traditional electrical outlet. Next, a portable air conditioner is usually used for cooling single rooms. These units typically stand on the floor and come with an installation kit for quick setup. Most models also include wheels that allow for easy transportation from room to room. It’s a much simpler system than something like the central air conditioner system, which would involve ducts, making the cost of replacements very different. Most problems from a portable air conditioner system involve things like clogging or the overheating of the compressor. Replacements might cost around $250-500 depending on the model and size, while the full replacement cost for a central air conditioner could be anywhere between $3,200-7,800. Another type of system is the floor-mounted AC, which is a unit low on the wall as a compact air-con unit despite its name. Next, the hybrid/dual fuel air conditioner system merges a heat pump with a gas furnace. Its heat pump expels interior hot air to the house’s exterior, cooling inside the home during the warmer months. The system absorbs heat from a centralized unit outside the house in the colder months and pulls it inside, giving warmth to the home. A smart air conditioner is a unit that’s generally mounted to a wall or window and connects to smart appliances like a phone so that way you can cool on your terms. Lastly, a geothermal air conditioner unit uses pipes beneath your house to transfer heat from the air in the house via the heat pump to the fluid that runs inside the pipes in the ground. These systems are very different from one another, varying in labor and material necessities, therefore drastically differentiating in costs.

  • The Size of Your Home

    The size of your home is a major component in deciding the size of your air conditioning unit as well as the type. Someone with a one-story home might consider investing in a portable air conditioner, but this option might not work well in a 3-story home. To assess what kind and size AC you’ll need, a contractor should perform an Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J load calculation. The given calculation will tell you the heat gain your home is subjected to and what the appropriate accommodations for it will be.

  • Additional Work

    One of the biggest things that can make an air conditioner installment costly is if your home needs ductwork. This simple factor can easily double the cost of the replacement had there been no need for ductwork.

  • Your Home’s AC Needs

    As mentioned before, certain personal accommodations like noise can affect cost. However, other factors that might influence the kind of system you’ll need are where you live, the amount of installation in your walls and attic, the placement of doors and windows, the location of your home concerning the sun, etc.

Central Air System and Ductless Mini-split Brands

There are many different air conditioner systems, and there are many different companies that provide. The two most popular brands are Carrier and Mitsubishi. The systems might vary in size, and this can also affect the cost, seeing as the brunt of the replacement/installment cost weighs on the materials. For some homeowners, noise might be a major factor in deciding the brand of air conditioners, affecting the cost. Different brands will have varying cooling capacities, efficiency rating, preparation/special needs, and the laborings to install it. All of these factors ultimately rely on what your specific home needs.

How Much Does A New AC System cost?

The final answer is that there is no one correct answer. Your area, home style, comfort needs, AC features, and budget will ultimately determine the cost of your AC unit and its installation. Also, financing is available directly through most HVAC installers.

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