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Why Scotch Plains Is Ideal Now

What makes Scotch Plains such an ideal town to do business in?  To begin, Scotch Plains’ population is constantly increasing.  At a 1.3% growth rate, Scotch Plains is booming with new residents, consequently raising the amount of local businesses and potential customers.  On the other hand, the town’s population is not the only thing that is growing. Scotch Plains’ downtown area has been expanding tremendously with new businesses and restaurants.  Furthermore, Scotch Plains’ advantages for local businesses extend to its ideal location.  The town’s close proximity to New York City enables local companies to take advantage of opportunities, including networking with businesses in the city and also attracting residents who commute.

The Business Community

Moreover, several business organizations and groups are located in Scotch Plains, connecting local companies to one another for networking purposes.  For example, the Scotch Plains Business and Professional Association was founded in1994, conducting many networking meetings, social events, and fundraising activities over the years.  In order to emphasize Scotch Plains’ sense of community, this organization even offers scholarship opportunities for eligible students annually since 1997.  Also, although the Union County Area Business Networkers extends to every town in the district, a multitude of networking events occur at local businesses in Scotch Plains.  Despite Scotch Plains’ connotation as a small town, its size fails to restrict the amount of businesses that are located there.  Thus, several business organizations and committees are stationed within Scotch Plains for the benefit of networking.

Scotch Plains Business Environment

Scotch Plains is an ideal town to do business in due to its simple business permit process. In order to apply for a local business permit, a business owner must research and sign off on all of the regulations, guidelines, and requirements listed in the Scotch Plains Business Information Packet. Next, the business must obtain a Zoning Permit, which ensures the location of the business and any renovations that will be done. After securing this permit, a business owner who plans to take on any major interior or exterior construction must apply for a building permit. Lastly, if a business is a restaurant or food establishment, the owner must contact the Scotch Plains Health Department for an inspection. After completing these steps of the permit process, a new business will be all set to begin its journey in Scotch Plains. In fact, the number of flourishing business, such as Roto-Rooter’s Scotch Plains Plumbers, The Stage House, Darby Road, the Scotch Plains Masons of Santarella Masonry and RF Landscape Constructions Scotch Plains Landscapers are testaments to this thriving economy.

The Future of Scotch Plains

To conclude, Scotch Plains is an ideal town to do business in because of the opportunities it offers business owners. Due to its developing population, various business groups and organizations, and easy permit process, Scotch Plains is a perfect town for local businesses settle down.

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