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Why Westfield Is Ideal Now

What makes Westfield, New Jersey such an ideal town to do business in? Today, Westfield explodes with perks and advantages that attract residents from all over.  The Central Jersey town is known for being extremely family oriented, full of numerous beautiful neighborhoods and a highly ranked public schools system.  New families relocate to Westfield because it is a safe and gorgeous area with constant development in its downtown business district.

To continue, Westfield’s prime location appeals to its residents.  With New York City a short half an hour train ride away, commuters tend to settle down in Westfield with their families.  In the other direction, the Jersey Shore is a quick forty-five minute train ride, allowing residents to take advantage of daily beach trips or overnight stays.  With the best of both worlds, the people who live in Westfield embrace the town’s ideal location.  Altogether, Westfield captivates residents with its family oriented ambiance, booming downtown area, and prime location.

The Business Community

In addition to a thriving population, Westfield’s business district is prospering.  Over the past several years, local businesses have been relocating to Westfield in order to take advantage of the town’s family oriented atmosphere, expanding their target markets, customer base and proximity to New York City.  Plus, Westfield has become a very trendy place for smoothie shops, restaurants, and clothing stores.

To add, Westfield is a perfect location for local businesses due to its several networking organizations.  For instance, The Greater Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce has been encouraging networking amongst local businesses for sixty years .  The Chamber of Commerce connects local businesses in Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, and Mountainside.  Throughout the year, the organization holds networking breakfasts, seminars, festivals, and other events.  Since there are so many local businesses in these towns, the organization allows entrepreneurs and owners to bounce ideas off one another, growing as individuals and a business district as a whole. The
Westfield Business Referral Exchange is a professional organization of business owners who exchange business business tips.

The Future of Westfield

By looking at Westfield’s family oriented ambiance and developing business district, the town’s future looks very bright. Within just a few years, Westfield will continue to absolutely boom with local businesses and families. The final question is then, are you and your business ready to contribute to Westfield’s success?

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