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Regularly ranked as one of America’s top places to live, Summit, NJ is a vibrant community located twenty miles west of New York City. There is a direct trainline from Summit to New York City, which draws New York City elite who choose to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a quieter suburban life filled with many of the same attractions. Further, it is located atop of one of the three Watchung mountains located in Northern New Jersey, which provides a picturesque view of the New York City skyline. Whether you purchase a home or business with a view or take time for an easy hike, by choosing Summit as your home you will have access to this unique and lovely backdrop. Last, Summit has an arts scene that dominates that of the surrounding area. For those looking for an area with cultural pursuits ranging from operas to art shows, Summit has it all. This scene attracts a wide diversity of individuals to the area who all contribute equally great things to the community and business sector.

The Business Community

The center of Summit’s downtown is regarded as one of New Jersey’s best downtown areas. Within walking distance to a direct trainline to New York City, the shopping district gets plenty of foot traffic at any time of the year. This constant swath of people perusing the over 200 boutiques and shops makes the business community feel vibrant and appealing. Although the downtown shopping area exudes a level of modernity, there is also a historical feel that cannot be lost. Summit’s Historic Preservation Commission manages historical plaques for all the historical buildings and landscapes that can be found throughout town, boasting architectural styles from the Italian Renaissance Revival and Neoclassical eras. Coupled with this historical feel is a creative and modern vibe, put forth by the many artistic centers that are found throughout Summit’s business community. Summit is very family friendly and provides the best choices for baby nurse and nanny care with their wide variety of Summit nanny agencies, including Choice Care Nannies. While young artists try their hand at painting ceramics at Color Me MineSummit house painters, Solis Painters have been keeping the town’s historic homes beautiful for decades.  For those interested in shows are able to visit the Summit Playhouse at any time of the year to experience one of their award-winning performances. The Summit Playhouse is a non-profit community theater that was founded in 1918 in an effort to raise funds for World War I relief. Since its founding in 1918, the Summit Playhouse has been home to over 300 productions, and is renowned as the longest running community theater in the United States. They run three shows each year in addition to other ventures such as youth productions and theater workshops. Further, the Summit Playhouse has not lost their beginnings as a theater meant to give back; they choose a new community organization that the proceeds from each show will go to, which is a perfect portrayal of the values present in the Summit community.

Summit Business Environment

Summit’s business environment generates a contemporary and luxurious aura while also stressing constant innovation and creativity. For example, each Spring Summit’s downtown district hosts a Design Day, which is a day of exceptional creativity. Businesses in the downtown area that have any hand in design host workshops to teach community members about how they can improve their homes by way of interior design, painting, flooring, window coverings, framing, rugs, and even full revamping of kitchens and bathrooms. Not only do they hold workshops about how to channel your inner interior designer, but also they showcase their own pieces for purchase at discounted prices so that you can begin your journey toward making your home your own. Further, they partner with restaurants and other businesses in the downtown area as well to include as many Summit businesses as possible. Next, Summit holds one of New Jersey’s best Farmers Markets every Sunday from April through November, which brings many residents and visitors to town to explore the goods offered. They are always looking to add new life to their long and successful vendor list, which is formed from applications that open before each season. Last, on Thursday and Friday nights in the summer Summit hosts an event in their downtown called Summer Sounds. During this time, they bring in live music that plays from 5-8PM, restaurants along the downtown strip add extra outdoor seating for their visitors to enjoy the great music, and other shops add later hours to promote business and provide the community with ample opportunity to experience the music. Summit’s business environment is characteristic of creativity and vitality, as shown through examples of various events that they hold regularly.

The Future of Summit Businesses

Summit has been a thriving town for quite a while, and will continue to experience a booming economy for the foreseeable future. The real estate values in Summit have been growing consistently over the past few years, with their homes listed as some of the most expensive real estate in the state of New Jersey. Their focus on promoting creativity and culture amongst their businesses makes Summit a unique and prosperous choice for any business to succeed.

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