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Mountainside, New Jersey is a town that is focused on providing the highest quality of life possible for its residents. Their commitment to this has been showcased many times with their ranking as a top New Jersey place to live for several years. In 2017, Mountainside was ranked as the number 12 place to live in New Jersey and in 2019, Mountainside was ranked as the number 9 place to live in New Jersey by NJ Monthly. Mountainside has been receiving recognition as a top destination to call home for many years, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Part of the reason for the great success of Mountainside’s top ranking is their fast-growing business sector. Although they have businesses that have been around for many years, they are also home to many new, innovative ideas that have helped the economy of Mountainside to grow across time. Further, Mountainside’s real estate market is booming due to this consistent ranking in the top of New Jersey’s towns, which has brought many individuals to the area who are highly active in the economy. Those who are moving to Mountainside are dedicated to establishing successful lives for themselves and for their families, which includes giving back to local businesses to help them be prosperous. One of the remarkable components of Mountainside that distinguishes itself from other nearby communities and also represents much of what the community of Mountainside stands for is the caliber of their volunteer squads. Their volunteer fire and first aid squads regularly are ranked among the best in the state, which reinforces how much those living in Mountainside strive to make their community the best it can be for the sake of their town.

The Business Community

The business community of Mountainside is composed of many ambitious and community-oriented individuals who are all invested in helping their community grow. Although the downtown stretch in Mountainside is modest as compared to the downtown sector present in nearby towns, Mountainside benefits from having the busy Route 22 as a part of their land. This road is traversed by thousands of people a day because it connects many towns across New Jersey that are very densely populated. Because of the amount of traffic that this road gets, businesses in Mountainside benefit from getting customers from a large majority of individuals who do not reside in Mountainside specifically. However, the small businesses that are present in their downtown area reflect the community-feel that draws people to move to Mountainside in the first place. For over 30 years, businesses like Mountainside home remodeling contractor, Charles Contracting, have been ensuring new homes, as well as remodeled ones maintain their aestheitc and historical beauty. Luxury office suites by First Choice Executive Suites provide Mountainside’s large commuter population with a great alternative work space when traveling to NYC becomes inconvenient and manfucaturers such as the AK Stamping Company give Mountainside a diversey of businesses. The town is a rare combination of business and resident friendly. For example, one day that many people refer to as the best day of the year in Mountainside is Halloween. Town officials close down many streets to cars, which provides a safe environment for children to trick-or-treat and gives parents an excuse to spend time outdoors with their neighbors. This is just one example of how the town leaders in Mountainside put effort into fostering relationships amongst community members, which subsequently strengthens the business sector through supportive measures. Last, business development in Mountainside has been growing in recent years with an increase in the population and popularity due to its ranking in the top 10 towns in New Jersey. This is in part due to the ambitious nature of the residents who are interested in keeping their spot in the top 10, and in moving even further up in the ranks.

Mountainside Business Environment

The business environment in Mountainside is marked by intentionality and community. The Mountainside Board of Development puts a lot of thought into the businesses that are opened in town as well as the events that are put on for the general public. The borough’s leadership releases a schedule each month with events that are open for anyone, and is composed of a wide variety of functions for all ages. This provides residents with the opportunity to spend quality time with their families, and also allows individuals to network with one another, especially in the business world. Next, Mountainside holds a Newcomers Meeting every month, which is open to whomever is interested in attending. This allows people who are new to the area to meet their new peers, and is a great avenue for people to share potential ideas for the town. Additionally, large proportions of the Watchung Reservation and Echo Lake Park are located in Mountainside, which are lovely nature retreats that provide residents with hiking trails, freshwater streams, horseback riding stables, and parks that they can spend their time in. Mountainside often hosts community events at these spaces that the reservation and park provide them with such as weekly summer concerts under the stars or weekend yoga, allowing residents to connect with one another and with nature. This multitude of community events present in Mountainside is a reflection of their business environment, which is very community-oriented. Although the area of the town is spread across a larger area of land than other towns with this same small-town feel, the leadership is able to foster this sense through the events that they put on for everyone to participate in.

The Future of Mountainside Businesses

Mountainside has great promise as a town for anyone to open a new business in. Not only does their recent ranking in New Jersey’s top 10 towns make them an attractive option to choose, but also the community-oriented and ambitious residents provide great peers and a perfect audience to work with for a future business. Last, the Watchung Reservation and Echo Lake Park that are located in town provide residents with a wonderful escape to enjoy nature with fellow community members, family, and friends.

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