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Named the #1 town in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly in 2019, Madison is an outstanding town to call home for you and your business. Madison is set in historic Morris county, and has a charm that is largely unmatched elsewhere in the surrounding area. The town was named after President James Madison, and is referred to as, “The Rose City” because well-to-do residents of Madison began a rose-growing industry in the 19th century to entice people to move to their town. This rose-growing scheme seems to have succeeded even centuries later, with an ever-growing population present in Madison that boasts great diversity in thought and talent. Current and past residents have brought great life to the community, creating a quaint downtown area that family and friends can gather in. Located only 15 miles from Times Square, Madison is located perfectly to have an easy commute in and out of the city. Last, Madison’s public schools were ranked 32 in 2019 out of all the public high schools in New Jersey, and scored a 97% on their scorecard by US News and World Report. This recent rating has brought many more young families to the area, which has brought new life to the community and business sector.

The Business Community

Madison’s business community is characterized by its historical charm and exceptional success. Scattered across the friendly streets of Madison’s historical business district are 52 buildings that are on the New Jersey registry of historical buildings for the whole state. This provides the shopping environment with an old town allure that is only matched by the stores themselves. Recently, several long-time residents of Madison celebrated the rich history of Madison by purchasing and reopening a tavern, Bottle Hill Tavern, that has been present in town since its earliest beginnings in 1812. The building has been around since the 1700’s, and has been moved and repurposed many times since its opening, but the new owners decided to honor the historical value of the tavern by reopening it with its original purpose and attempted to restore as much of the ambiance as possible. This story is not unique to this tavern alone, but to the community of Madison as a business center. Moreover, Madison strives to include all visitors and residents in their business community. All street parking and municipal parking lots are free for people to use, which is unheard of in today’s world and also reminiscent of their historical feel. Last, a keystone of Madison’s business community is New Jersey’s only theater dedicated to showcasing the works of Shakespeare. The Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, which brings new life to the Madison’s business community with each performance.

Madison Business Environment

Madison businesses boast a friendly neighborhood feel coupled with the innovation and glamour found in a city. On any day, countless residents and visitors walk the sidewalks throughout the historical downtown district to shop at the many boutiques or custom jewelry stores housed here. One jewelry store, Gerlochs Jewelers, has been family-owned and in Madison since 1936. This family of gemologists has been serving Madison and its surrounding towns with beautiful custom made and antique jewelry for years, and will be for more to come. Madison landscaping, Cardinal has been keeping the residential neighborhoods beautiful for over 20 years. Next, people visit Madison’s business district to share a meal in one of the multitude of international cuisines that are offered. Further emphasizing Madison’s innovate flair, they host an event each year called, “Taste of Madison” in which Madison’s best chefs cook small plates of some of their most popular dishes. Not only is this an event to try some of Madison’s best food offerings and bring the community together, but also all local businesses are able to get involved in their silent auction by donating goods or gift cards to be bid on. This event quickly sells out each year, and is a testament to the thriving business environment present in Madison. Last, as a celebration of Madison’s history and their flourishing businesses, they hold Bottle Hill Day every fall in the center of their downtown. It is free and open to the public, has over 200 vendors represented from Madison and its surrounding towns, and has food and entertainment for all to enjoy. It usually draws up to 20,000 people each year, which brings amazing business to any small businesses looking to grow. Each of these examples portray Madison as a thriving center to start a business.

The Future of Madison Businesses

Businesses in Madison, New Jersey will undoubtedly see exponential growth in their potential in the coming years following their ranking as number one town in New Jersey. The walkable downtown sector, historical flair, and innovative philosophy all bring residents and visitors to shop in Madison, which will continue to grow for years to come.

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