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Linden is a moderately sized city in New Jersey with a steadily increasing population. Since 2000, Linden has seen new residents each year. Because of this population growth, the business districts present throughout Linden are constantly reinvigorated with new clientele, and have been on a stream of success in the recent future. The new port and large construction projects have been undertaken in recent years to bring new retailers and homes to the area, making it more modern and lively. Known for its large proportion of residents with Polish ancestry, Linden has also an extensive history and culture that makes it unique compared to surrounding areas.

The Business Community

The city of Linden published a sustainability plan in 2011, drawing out its vision and plans for the next 20 years. The three main tenets described in the plan include economic and workforce development, quality of life and environment, and institutional capacity and social capital. These three principles are interconnected and bidirectional, meaning that they will be working in constant synchrony with one another. Focusing on the development of Linden’s economy and workforce, one of their main goals is to attract entrepreneurs to the city to create new destinations for shoppers in and around Linden. While there is a downtown corridor already present, one of the city’s main goals is to develop this area further to create an area that residents will choose to visit. This includes adding new retail locations, downtown living options, and brightening up current property in the area. Moreover, specified in this plan is to distinguish the city from other towns nearby. To do this, city officials are working to make the downtown more walkable by developing wider and more attractive sidewalks and by improving safety for pedestrians throughout the city. Last, they included the creation of a small business support committee to foster the development of small and mid-sized businesses in Linden, and promote entrepreneurial visions. One such example is elevator company G-Tech Elevators located in the industrial section. The city of Linden is committed to supporting their own businesses and will work with business owners to ensure that they will thrive.

Linden, New Jersey

Linden Business Environment

To reiterate, Linden is excited about new business opportunities. Therefore, they make it simple to open a new business in the city. First, one must contact the Linden Building Department for any zoning needs. Then, upon contact with these individuals, you will be given a permit application packet that you must fill out and return before doing any construction on the property. Once this is approved, the zoning process is complete. Last, depending on the type of business, further inspections must be completed by the Linden Department of Health. Once all of these steps are completed, the business is ready to begin. Further, the Linden Economic Development Corporation will work with you to ensure that your business is a success. Their master plan guides their daily work, and currently their focus is on redevelopment in Linden. Therefore, the success of your business is their top priority.

The Future of Linden

The Future of Linden
All in all, Linden is in the middle of an exciting transformation toward economic and cultural prosperity. Because of these major efforts being undertaken in the city, city officials are focused on ensuring that the business environment is accessible, safe, and attractive, which will improve traffic to your business. Therefore, investing in Linden will mean investing in the success of your business’s future.

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