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Englewood, New Jersey is a bustling town nestled in the Hudson Bay with a rich history reaching back to the Revolutionary War. During the period of American independence, many of the settlers were English, which is one of the hypotheses for where the name “Englewood” came from, combining English with neighborhood. Englewood officially became a town in 1899, showing exceptional historical roots. Today, Englewood boasts remarkable cultural diversity and continues to see an increase in this measure over time. Not only is this cultural diversity apparent in town, but also the town itself has a varied makeup, with tree-lined suburban streets taking over some streets and urban architecture present in the downtown sector. Englewood is also home to the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, which is a 150 acre nature preserve that is open to all. They have marked trails and environmental education classes in addition to many other programs, which provide residents with a nature escape only steps away from the George Washington Bridge. Being only 10 miles away and a quick train ride to New York City, Englewood is able to establish its own culture while also providing residents with the ability to get to New York City for work or leisure with ease.

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Englewood, NJ

Englewood, New Jersey

The business community of Englewood is vibrant and ever-changing. They are always open to new businesses, as they are a growing community. The downtown area is home to a wide array of restaurants, ranging from quick service chains to gourmet eateries. The restaurant scene is exceptional, in part because of the Bergen Performing Arts Center which is present in Englewood. The Bergen Performing Arts Center holds over 200 performances each year, totaling an annual attendance of over 250,000 people at all the performances combined. The center covers everyone’s artistic interests, including performances such as dance shows, plays, comedy acts, and concerts. Because of the acclaim that performances at the Bergen Performing Arts center receive, many people choose Englewood as a destination for their evenings, which includes going to dinner in nearby downtown Englewood before or after their show. A few restaurants in Englewood have received recognition as some of New Jersey Monthly’s Jersey Choice restaurants for 2020, and have been for years. One restaurant, Sofia, is an Italian Steakhouse that makes handmade pasta, serves USDA Prime steaks, and has fresh seafood flown in daily. This sort of high end care that restaurateurs put into their businesses in Englewood is seen across the community, because of the cosmopolitan vibe that is present in the downtown sector. There are also many local businesses, such as Montclair Roofing of Englewood that thrive in this community.

Englewood’s Business Environment

Englewood’s businesses show remarkable adaptability in an effort to best serve their own residents and residents in the surrounding northern valley community. For example, after many families in town began to show an interest in their children becoming involved in performing arts, the Bergen Performing Arts Center opened up a new Performing Arts School that individuals from Bergen County as well as surrounding counties including Passaic, Hudson, and Essex counties travel to in order to provide their children with the outstanding training opportunity. A large proportion of the proceeds from the performances at the Bergen Performing Arts Center go toward this program for children ages 3-21, providing full and partial tuition scholarships for a majority of the children who participate. Not only do the children who participate in these programs benefit, but the whole city of Englewood benefits as well from the high volume of traffic that this brings the city. Englewood’s downtown area has many boutiques and shops that cannot be found elsewhere in the area, which draws visitors to participate in Englewood’s business community. Each summer, they host an Englewood Night Out and Sidewalk Shopping evening, which provides business owners with the opportunity to market their goods to the public as they enjoy a night out with live music, food, and drinks. Most all businesses along Englewood’s downtown strip participate in this event each year, and have reported that business spikes following their participation because it helps shoppers discover where they can shop to support their own community. Englewood’s Chamber of Commerce is constantly looking for ways to bolster business for their community entrepreneurs, and therefore supports many events such as this one to bring people from Englewood and nearby communities to shop at their businesses.

The Future of Englewood, NJ

Englewood, New Jersey has seen a consistent rise in their business success as well as cultural diversity, which supports growth in all sectors of the community. Many people choose to live in Englewood because of the easy access to New York City while also having the ability to live in a tight-knit suburban town. The presence of Flat Rock Brook Nature Center in town is another enticing factor for many who wish to escape in nature for the day, as there are many self-guided and organized events that occur regularly in their own backyard. The Englewood Chamber of Commerce is focused on improving Englewood’s business sector, which will continue to show improvement for new and established business owners for years to come.

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