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Roselle Park, NJ is located in Union County within North Jersey, situated less than 30 minutes from New York City. It is surrounded by Westfield, Union, Elizabeth, Roselle, Cranford, and Kenilworth. Roselle Park, NJ is an urban borough in Union County about 30 minutes outside New York and an hour a half outside Philadelphia. The location of the town makes for easy trips to cities like Philadelphia, New York City, and especially its neighboring towns, Union, Kenilworth, Elizabeth, Roselle, and Cranford. It’s a quaint town with a population of about 13,581. Some of the most noteworthy neighborhoods that residents reside in are Aldene, Galloping Hill Rd/E Lincoln Ave, and Borough Center. The neighborhoods include a diverse demographic of people, with many Hispanic/Latino, White, Black, and Asian personnel. The town also includes an abundance of linguistic locals whose primary languages spoken at home vary from English, Portuguese, to French. These neighborhoods consist of a lot of small to medium-sized family homes and apartment complexes that usually fit about 1-4 residents depending on the size of the home. The town is greatly known for being an excellent stay for college students, with a multitude of restaurants to choose from, affordable living, manageable walkability, and above-average safety ratings. College students aren’t the only ones who find this diverse and rustic town to be charming, as many of the children attend the town’s elementary school, middle school, and high school. While the town is more than suitable for family life, it is an astounding environment for college students in particular.

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Roselle Park, NJ

Roselle Park, New Jersey

Roselle Park harbors everything from big chain restaurants to small-owned mom-and-pop shops inside the borders of its charming town. There’s a large variety of cultural food to chose from including Peruvian from Pasion Peruana, Portuguese from Vinhus Restaurant and Lounge, Polish from Delicious Pierogi Inc, Italian from La Catena Restaurant, and many more. They also offer big chain eating locations like Little Ceasar’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King. Costas’s Restaurant and Pizzeria is an Italian restaurant in Roselle Park where not only can you dine in, but also book the location for special events. With vibrant lights and playful party songs, Costas makes for a fantastic time and contributes to the nightlife of the town; not every event is hosted at night though. For some kid fun, Roselle Park also has every child’s dream birthday destination: Pump It Up, an indoor bouncy house. Outside restaurants and party venues, Roselle Park also contains various beauty stores, like their many nail salons which include Attraction Nail Salon, Samary’s Nail Salon, Roselle Park Nails, and Lee’s Nails. Manuela’s Bridal Boutique is also a shop worth noting amongst all the delicious foods and fun stops. They offer gorgeous gowns for brides who could want anything from form-fitting mermaid style dresses to poofy ball gowns. Newcomers and locals have everything they need here from different ethnic eating spots to lively party locations. Also, RP offers a full array of professional services including Roselle Park dentist, Thomas Santora.

The Community

Roselle Park offers a friendly working environment with a plethora of welcoming shops to find employment in. The town itself is soaked in diversity, from the ethnicities of its residents to the varying cultural foods they provide. The life Roselle Park breeds is suitable for people from all walks of life but is an especially highlighted experience for college students. The community often organizes events for the town which help bring together its people. One topic they focus on is the environment, often holding environmental commission meetings. They also offer opportunities for things like basketball camps. The small scale size of the town contributes to the bond of the locals and strengthens the kind of energy that Roselle Park exudes. Overall, the atmosphere of the town is great because residents are kind, shops are welcoming, and life in Roselle Park altogether is rustic and inviting.

The energy of adult life in Roselle Park is lively, but there’s also high energy in the life of its youth. Roselle Park offers the chance for both public and private school educations. The schools include Waldo School, Roselle Board of Education, Roselle Park Middle School, Robert Gordon Elementary School, Roselle Park High School, Sherman Elementary School, and many others. Children of all ages have the opportunity to attend schools with five-star education opportunities and outgoing school life. Outside the classroom, Roselle Park offers a summer camp as well as a dance studio. The town encourages its children to push themselves academically and especially socially given the expectations residents have set with their kind hearts.

Roselle Park, NJ

The Future of Roselle Park

While the town is small, it is still constantly growing in residents allured by the town life and beautiful living spaces. As of this moment, the town isn’t looking to extend its area, but it’s always looking to improve. Their RP Fire Department was just recently granted a total of $22,772. The funds will go towards continuing to supply firefighters and their medical personnel to ensure the safety of Roselle Park firefighters as well as the residents of the town. Right now they’re focusing on staying Covid safe and working as a community to get through these tough times.

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