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Just an hour outside New York City, Millburn, NJ, is a gorgeous suburban town located in Essex County. The town offers both apartments and houses, each built beautifully to the high standards of the bustling and charming area. Its residents could be described as “urban sophisticates” and their youth follows in the tracks of this intelligence. The public high school of the town is ranked number 10 in the state of New Jersey and the Millburn Preschool isone of the highest rated schools in NJ. It’s not all work though, as the town bursts at the seams with activities to keep its locals and visitors busy. Aside from the vibrant busy life of the downtown area, Milburn is home to the famous Papermill Playhouse, which is one of many of their historical structures. The theatre burned twice throughout history, once in 1860 and again in 1980. The theatre came back stronger each time, ranking second in the nation by the National Endowment for the Arts for artistic excellence just six years after their second fire; they came second only to the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. They’ve showcased a few familiar faces of star power throughout the years such as Betty White, Tony and Golden Globe Award Winner Bernadette Peters, Patrick Swayze, Helen Gallagher, and many more. Combined with eccentric downtown life, historical structures, above-average education, parks, and more, Millburn township is an impressive and distinguished area to build a home in or even just to visit.

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Millburn, NJ

Millburn, New Jersey

Millburn is known for its energetic downtown life that offers a diverse range of shops. The town actually has two downtown areas, the main one residing in the same general location of Milburn’s very own train station and lively amenity, Taylor Park. Located on the south end of the town, this downtown area encompasses eating locations such as Mariachi Mexcian, Saigon Cafe, La Strada, Fiamma Wood Fired Pizza, Umi Sushi, Salad House, and these are just to name a few. Amongst these endless eating options is Common Lot, a New American Restaurant that was recently named one of the top 30 restaurants in the state by New Jersey Monthly. Downtown Millburn doesn’t just end at their eating locations, as they have multiple shopping opportunities at stores like Highline Fashion, Molly Too, Bungalow Boutique, Jia, Shala, and more. Milburn doesn’t stop at their chic and trendy small businesses, on the other side of town to the north in Short Hills is Short Hills Mall. The mall is a swanky, premier shopping location with around 150 specialty stores and eating locations. They offer some of the best high-end brands luxury has to offer such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Boll and Branch, Channel, Coach, along with many others. Millburn is busting with business, constantly keeping its customers more than preoccupied making it a great spot for shopping or starting a business.

The Community

Millburn’s business environment is nothing short of booming. The town is full of hardworking intellects that spend a lot of their weekend time seeing what’s new in town. Each store has its own unique feng shui, alluring lots of customers and revenue. It’s a great place for someone to start up their business, as many of the locals, as well as the visitors, love seeing what’s new; it’s all about the up incoming. The town itself is a close-knit and welcoming environment filled with residents who put in the effort to sustain the bonds within the town through their committees that focus on different aspects of town life. These organizations include the Cultural Engagement Diversity and Arts Committee, Millburn-Short Hills Board of Trustees, Environmental Commission, Green Team, Historic Preservation Commission, Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board, and more. For new coming businesses, pitching in to join groups like this helps to further expedite the process of getting acquainted with the town and the inner workings of the people. The atmosphere on the business side of town is particularly close, even going as far as to include a section of their town’s website dedicated to keeping businesses in the loop of things going in the town. Millburn hosts a lot of activities like street fairs and knowing when these events take place allows the shops and restaurants to engage and capitalize off them. On the website, you can find a communications list under the business heading where you can sign up via email to receive news and pertinent information on the town that includes different opportunities. There’s also a section on the website that demonstrates how to do things like apply for parking permits. The town is warm and inviting and definitely a good place to start a business.

Millburn, NJ

The Future of Millburn

Right now the future of business in Millburn is surrounded by the town’s Downtown Vision Plan. The goal is to re-energize and re-envision the downtown area by highlighting and building on the town’s historical roots, natural resources, community institutions, and organizations, according to the town’s official website. The idea itself is about how the town can better its businesses, providing a strategy for how the town can further support its current retail base as well as future ones. Along with their Vision Plan, Millburn is continuing to focus on its established and distinguished town committees by meeting via zoom to talk about what’s next. Some of the committees that are scheduled to meet this month are the Historic Preservation Committee, Green Team, Recreation Commission, among others. Another project Millburn is currently partaking in is the PSE&G Gas Main Replacement Project. The project focuses on replacing their current iron pipes with more durable, steel pipes. The project will most likely finish sometime this summer to take the time needed to create a more reliable and efficient gas main. The town is constantly improving and looking for fresh new ideas; it’s overall a great place for families, teens, businesses, and everything else in between.

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