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When searching for businesses in Montclair, New Jersey, there are a plethora of options for every type of business. Finding one that aligns with your consumer goals and guarantees high quality products and trustworthy service that will ultimately lead to your satisfaction is paramount to your goals. Businesses that put you and your needs first will make the experience even better and providing personalized service and making sure all of your inquiries are met is the ultimate goal. So, with all of these factors in mind, it is imperative to find the best business in Montclair, New Jersey that will provide the best for you.

Montclair, New Jersey

Montclair, New Jersey

The current business climate in Montclair is dynamic and constantly expanding. They are well known for the diversity not only within the community, but also business offerings. Their businesses offered include everything from retailers, professional services, creative enterprises and everything in betwee. These services attract a growing community of locals who call the town home, and visitors hoping to engage with the thriving business community alike. Furthermore, the town is also in close proximity to New York City making it an ideal location for commercial development and new business opportunities. The town embraces entrepreneurship and innovation cultivating an environment that supports new business through their Montclair Center Business Improvement District and other like organizations. All of these factors make the current business market dynamic and extremely profitable.

Montclair boasts a steady and diverse population that makes it a wonderful place to live and work in. The bustling downtown areas provide a wonderful place to settle your business in, with some of the best restaurants in New Jersey present in the vicinity. There is also a large unique art presence in the town, which makes it a destination for residents of Montclair, New Jersey, and beyond. In fact, NJ Magazine named in their favorite New Jersey town in 2019.

Also, it is a family-friendly place to live in, with a great school system and beautiful homes to settle down in. Last, Montclair is under a thirty minute train ride to New York City, making the city extremely accessible for those who want a quieter place to live outside of NYC.

Montclair Business Directory: Top-rated Businesses in Montclair

Montclair is a wonderful place to open a business because of the great amount of opportunity that is available to business owners. There are six different shopping district located throughout Montclair, each with its own flair. Upper Montclair has an old town feel, with the local movie theater and train station with service to New York Penn Station present at the center. Watchung Plaza is another area filled with local coffee shops, bookstores, and another train station that provides access to New York Penn Station. Frog Hollow is your place for casual eateries and is located within walking distance of beautiful Edgemont Memorial Park. Walnut Street has a large restaurant presence with restaurants such as Halcyon Brasserie and Tierney’s Tavern, as well as a lively jazz club and small galleries for your artistic taste. Montclair Center is the largest business district, with a large art museum housing world-class art, a cinema featuring both artistic and box office films, and hundreds of shops and restaurants. Last, the South End is the smallest of the shopping districts, with many small shops and restaurants that are welcoming to all. Montclair is also host to many successful service business, including ALEX Painting, Russo Plumbing and Heating, and Tosone Electric. With the diverse set of options available for your business environment, Montclair is a wonderful location to choose.

  1. Painting Contractor: Alex Painting

    Alex Painting is a professional painting company that offers a variety of services for both residential and commercial customers. With decades of experience they have refiend their skills into high-quality expertise and reliable solutions to any painting requests. Their offerings include both interior and exterior painting in order to maximize the total aesthetic appeal of the individual. They offer other interior and exterior services like drywall repair, power washing, as well as deck staining. They are not limited in scope either be it room oriented, or towards the entire house. They provide customers with comprehensive and detail oriented approaches in order to provide the utmost satisfaction to clients’ individual needs. They pride themselves on their customer service through attentive consultations analyzing both the scope and the requirements of each project to better understand the goals and vision of the customer.

    Phone: (862) 241-0762

    Email: Get Estimate from Alex Painting

  2. Realtor: Upper Montclair Realty

    Upper Montclair Realty is a premier realty agency that holds the core values of trust and developing personal relationships with customers in order to find them their forever home at the forefront of their mission. With personalized service and a wide knowledge of the local area, they are dedicated to providing the best possible service to their clients to ensure satisfaction with their new home. Their wealth of resources and connections allows them to specialize in residential properties both purchasing and selling for the best possible price. They have years of expertise in the real estate industry that fuels their ability to dedicate an extensive amount of focus and attention towards property valuation, market analysis, contract negotiation, as well as buying and selling to make the ordinarily exhausting process of real estate hassle-free for clients.

    Phone: (973) 358-8506

  3. Communications: Pipeline Communications

    Pipeline Communications strives to help customers develop a platform that improves and streamlines the communication process with customers and internally. By fundamentally reevaluating the communication setup, they are able to offer a combination of improved services from messaging to automated tools that allow companies to better understand their clientele and generate advanced insights from this information. Their intelligent routing system helps to direct customer inquiries and routes to the best suited team member or department to help customers receive prompt responses as accurately as possible. Their automation technologies help to gather insights from these tasks in the most time efficient manner as possible in order to best assist the parent company. By doing so, they can help to reduce errors, delays, or lack of clarity in all communications.

  4. Architect: Francis C. Klein Architecture

    Francis C Kelien and Associates are architects who seek to assist clients from all walks of life and locations in generating an aesethically appealing and thoughtful home for their clients. Their extensive knowledge then allows them to bridge classic styles with modern and traditional ones seamlessly in order to best bring the client’s vision to life. However, their expertise does not stop at merely design and instead work to restore a sense of timelessness to your home and help renovate homes with new appliances, outdoor spaces, or remodeling efforts. Their efforts extend far beyond the typical scope and include things like fine craftsmanship, feasibility studies, renovations, site selection, and cost analysis. Outdoor features like pools, living spaces, or even city parks are all well within the scope of their expertise.

  5. Interior Designer: Julieta Alvarez Interiors

    Julieta Alvarez Interiors is a dynamic design service that includes both residential and commercial capabilities. They provide a thorough overview of services and tactics available in order to best tailor them to the clients wants and needs. Their projects are diligently executed to best capture client styles and capabilities. Their versatility and collaboration through communication and a wide portfolio of works speaks for itself– they create an intersection of harmony and lifestyle reflectant of the client’s personality in order to enhance their life to the fullest extent.

  6. Interior Designer: Julieta Alvarez Interiors

    Julieta Alvarez Interiors is a dynamic design service that includes both residential and commercial capabilities. They provide a thorough overview of services and tactics available in order to best tailor them to the clients wants and needs. Their projects are diligently executed to best capture client styles and capabilities. Their versatility and collaboration through communication and a wide portfolio of works speaks for itself– they create an intersection of harmony and lifestyle reflectant of the client’s personality in order to enhance their life to the fullest extent.

    Phone: (973) 358-8506

  7. Landscaper: Mierop Deisgn Landscaping

    Mierop Design is a high-quality landscaping architecture company and design firm that helps to elevate any exterior area to its maximum potential and bring the clients vision to life in perfect likeness. They offer a variety of insights into this process such as their master planning, site design, and project management establishing long term relationships with clients that extend well past the initial consultation and development of an idea. Instead they work with them to see the idea brought to life safely, and harmoniously. In fact, they take great strides in leading the community in eco-friendly makeovers to minimize design impact on the environment without taking away from any visual appeal. The unique approach the company uses ensures customer satisfaction and a continued relationship for years to come.

    Phone: (973) 744–1758

  8. Landscaper: Finn Builders

    Finn Builders is a construction and remodeling company who utilize their team of experienced professionals and their extensive knowledge basis to provide the highest level of commitment and dedication to their customers. Their master craftsmanship ensures exactness and safety as priorities for their process. They emphasize that through the entire process they strive to communicate well with clients and demonstrate their abilities and development frequently. They work utilizing a collaborative approach to maximize the use and capabilities of a vast quantity of materials and techniques.

    Phone: (973) 744-4629

  9. Masonry Contractor: Schaefer Masonry

    Schaefer Masonry uses innovative and thorough techniques with their clients to provide them with expert mason work and craftsmanship in order to transform both residential and commercial spaces. Their high calibre employees are able to expertly carry out custom stonework, brickwork and concrete services. They have detailed consultation and planning sessions with clients in order to demonstrate the breadth of options available. Their durable and beautiful work is executed through a variety of mediums such as stone, and brick, and is able to be applied to create intricate designs and patterns to match any aesthetic. Their craftsmanship is executed through flawless yet structurally sound masonry work and provide the best possible work for clients.

    Phone: (973) 632-4300

  10. Heating and Air Conditioning: Rite Rate Heating and Cooling

    Rite Rate Heating and Cooling are a comprehensive service platform and company for any and all air conditioning services. They showcase their expertise through a range of services and dedication to customer satisfaction. Their commitment to quality, reliability, safety, and comfort are central to their values. Furthermore, they utilize high quality materials and quality workmanship to protect their customers from any future harm as best as possible. They are skilled professionals who are trained to handle installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services to the letter. They cater to a wide variety of needs and are committed to reducing costs and energy efficiency simultaneously.

    Phone: (973) 744-7200

Montclair New Jersey will only continue to thrive in the years to come with both new mixed-use developments and commercial spaces continuing to flourish. Their opportunities for dining, retail, entertainment and corporate services continue to expand. Innovation and enterprise continue to flourish in the business community and with convenient access to highways and public transportation, there are no limits to the future of the town.

Montlcair Business Environment

Montclair should be a top choice for the location of your business. The township places a great emphasis on helping businesses thrive, and will therefore work with you to make your business as successful as possible. In 2015, the downtown area of Montclair Center was given The Great American Main Street award by the National Main Street Center. This is a prestigious award given to only three to four communities throughout the United States each year, and is a testament to the high quality of the Montclair downtown area. Next, there are three main steps involved in registering one’s business with the township of Montclair that can be found with the Montclair Township Department of Planning and Community Development. First, you must secure a zoning compliance, and will need to obtain the necessary paperwork from the Municipal Center to do so. Then, you must determine if your business is within one of the four historic district located throughout Montclair. Last, you will need to obtain a building permit for any construction or renovations that will be done to your property. An additional step also exists for food establishments, in which the Montclair Department of Health and Human Services will have to approve an inspection. All of the aforementioned steps are outlined by the Department of Planning and Community Development upon indicating interest in starting a business in Montclair.

The Future of Montclair for Business

Overall, Montclair is a great place to start a small business. The ample number of shopping districts, diverse population of residents, and presence of support for business owners in the district make it a great place to begin.

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