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Montclair boasts a steady and diverse population that makes it a wonderful place to live and work in. The bustling downtown areas provide a wonderful place to settle your business in, with some of the best restaurants in New Jersey present in the vicinity. There is also a large unique art presence in the town, which makes it a destination for residents of Montclair, New Jersey, and beyond. In fact, NJ Magazine named in their favorite New Jersey town in 2019.

Also, it is a family-friendly place to live in, with a great school system and beautiful homes to settle down in. Last, Montclair is under a thirty minute train ride to New York City, making the city extremely accessible for those who want a quieter place to live outside of NYC.

Montclair Businesses

Montclair, New Jersey

Montclair, New Jersey

Montclair is a wonderful place to open a business because of the great amount of opportunity that is available to business owners. There are six different shopping district located throughout Montclair, each with its own flair. Upper Montclair has an old town feel, with the local movie theater and train station with service to New York Penn Station present at the center. Watchung Plaza is another area filled with local coffee shops, bookstores, and another train station that provides access to New York Penn Station. Frog Hollow is your place for casual eateries and is located within walking distance of beautiful Edgemont Memorial Park. Walnut Street has a large restaurant presence with restaurants such as Halcyon Brasserie and Tierney’s Tavern, as well as a lively jazz club and small galleries for your artistic taste. Montclair Center is the largest business district, with a large art museum housing world-class art, a cinema featuring both artistic and box office films, and hundreds of shops and restaurants. Last, the South End is the smallest of the shopping districts, with many small shops and restaurants that are welcoming to all. Montclair is also host to many successful service business, including ALEX Painting, Russo Plumbing and Heating, and Tosone Electric. With the diverse set of options available for your business environment, Montclair is a wonderful location to choose.

Montlcair Business Environment

Montclair should be a top choice for the location of your business. The township places a great emphasis on helping businesses thrive, and will therefore work with you to make your business as successful as possible. In 2015, the downtown area of Montclair Center was given The Great American Main Street award by the National Main Street Center. This is a prestigious award given to only three to four communities throughout the United States each year, and is a testament to the high quality of the Montclair downtown area. Next, there are three main steps involved in registering one’s business with the township of Montclair that can be found with the Montclair Township Department of Planning and Community Development. First, you must secure a zoning compliance, and will need to obtain the necessary paperwork from the Municipal Center to do so. Then, you must determine if your business is within one of the four historic district located throughout Montclair. Last, you will need to obtain a building permit for any construction or renovations that will be done to your property. An additional step also exists for food establishments, in which the Montclair Department of Health and Human Services will have to approve an inspection. All of the aforementioned steps are outlined by the Department of Planning and Community Development upon indicating interest in starting a business in Montclair.

The Future of Montclair for Business

Overall, Montclair is a great place to start a small business. The ample number of shopping districts, diverse population of residents, and presence of support for business owners in the district make it a great place to begin.

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