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Located in the heart of Bergen County, NJ, Hackensack is a beautiful and diverse community with fantastic proximity to New York City. Midtown Manhattan is a mere 14 miles away. It is an easy trip via I-95N or about an hour train ride. There are many home options in Hackensack ranging from suburban communities with new and old estates, beautiful garden centric apartment buildings, and less expensive neighborhoods composed primarily of two family homes. These options lead to a very diverse demographic and culture amongst the population. In addition, Hackensack is home to a booming shopping district and a plethora of exciting landmarks such as New Jersey Naval Museum, Borg’s Wood Nature Preserve, and the Hackensack Performing Arts Center, so there is always something to do. However, if you feel like relaxing there are several parks like Hackensack River County Park as well as Overpeck County Park, and even a nature reserve in the city perfect for all ages. Hackensack also embraces up and coming artists. The lovely shopping district features paintings, murals, and designs of local artists. The Art adds an elegant sense of personality to the community. Taking all these features into account, Hackensack is a premier city to live in or start a business.

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Hackensack, NJ

Hackensack, New Jersey

Hackensack’s business community offers plenty of diversity too. On the North end of the city lies the The Shops at Riverside, a lavish mall featuring various high-end department stores and restaurants as well as a Dine-in AMC theater. This elegant mall is known for attracting the upper income shoppers from all over Bergen County and even from New York. However, these big name retail stores are not all Hackensack has to offer. Main Street is jam-packed with small shops. These charming family-run businesses offer an inviting small town atmosphere that is hard to find. Main St. is flooded with shoppers 12 months a year populating these trendy stores and supporting small businesses. It does not stop at retail though. Hackensack is also home to a multitude of other small businesses such as Hackensack Personal Injury Attorneys which has been in business for over 30 years. As previously mentioned, Hackensack also hosts a locally famous performing arts center. HACPAC works as a home for theater, musicians, dancing, and visual arts. They often host shows for big time names, including grammy winners and broadway stars, that can appeal to all ages. The culinary scene in Hackensack is also thriving. There is a wide variety of cuisine options each with its own unique atmosphere and hard working staff. With booming industrial, retail, and art industries, Hackensack offers a wide array of options to start a business or spend your day.

Hackensack Business Environment

Hackensack’s business environment brings an eclectic group of customers from different areas. Hackensack encourages creativity in business in a way most communities do not. There is an undeniable yearning for unique stores in the ever growing downtown district. Many of these businesses host fun and interesting events such as talking to social workers, video game tournaments, guitar lessons, and free tutoring programs run by volunteer highschool students. Events like this bring people together and add a welcoming sense of community to Hackensack. There is also a great combination of old businesses familiar to the community as well as new growing businesses. This dichotomy creates a beautiful balance of an old town feel with a modern trendy mix. In addition, despite the heavy traffic of the fantastic downtown, there is never a lack of parking. There are plenty of parking lots and even a large parking garage, so there is always a spot open. What a great way to start your day of shopping!

On the Downtown Hackensack website’s Meet the Merchants section, there are several highlighted businesses thriving in the Hackensack business environment such as Family Martial Arts, Francys and Manuel Barber Shop, and Birkenmeir Sports Shop. These are all small businesses run by the proud members of Bergen County looking to help their community grow. On the other hand, there is no lack of convenient chains as well. Downtown also features a Subway restaurant, Farmer’s Insurance agency, and YMCA. The city has the perfect mix of chains and mom and pop shops to keep any customer happy. All in all, Hackensack’s business environment encourages expression, expansion, and quality.

The Future of Hackensack for Business

Hackensack has been steadily developing over the last few years and is looking to grow even further in the years to come. It is an ideal destination to start a business of any kind from an indie coffee shop to a Law firm. The diversity of the community partnered with the proximity to New York City will continually attract an extensive group of customers. The growing business scene has also led to an increase in the prices of homes and overall positive atmosphere of the city. Hackensack is, and will remain for the foreseeable future, an ideal place to start a life, business, life, and family.

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