Choosing a Marketing Agency is an Important Task

Tips for Making a Good Decision

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Marketing Partner

Author: Eno Reyes

Deciding on the marketing partner for your business is a difficult and highly important task. A marketing partner can be almost as important as a business partner, so the choice needs to be made thoughtfully. The goal is to find a marketing provider that aligns with your vision and fits your business culture.

This means it’s all about the relationship you can build with the web design agency. There are key things to look for when deciding who will lead the front charge for your company’s marketing strategies. Here are a couple of the most important factors that should influence your decision.

1. Flexibility in strategy

Agencies these days typically answer growth with rigidity. They create rules and guidelines which prohibit any flexibility in strategy. When everything’s smooth sailing this makes sense, but when things don’t go according to plan you may need strategies that are tailored to your business. Look for a partner that will develop a custom strategy for your business.

2. Aligns with your company vision

Look for a marketing partner that will talk to you in terms of goals. Start with small, achievable short-term goals and then cover the long-term goals to work towards. Any company that isn’t recording metrics and constantly tracking their vision will fall behind the competition.

3. Human’s and Software together

More and more, agencies are attempting to utilize software to replace work. That’s great when you’re automating email campaigns but not so great when you’re trying to create strategies with a real small business owner. Make sure that your marketing partner is both utilizing the latest technology, but also bringing people to develop a real continued partnership with your business.

4. Desire to explore the Unknown

Building a successful partnership requires a passion for learning both from the agency and the business. The agency provides expertise and knowledge that your business may not have, but if they aren’t working hard to develop a relationship with and understand the client’s business, they will be unsuccessful. Look for agencies that are willing to learn about your

5. Bigger isn’t always better

Agencies funnel their attention to top clients. Unless you’re a massive firm you are going to be assigned to a junior strategist. When you opt for smaller firms you are receiving equal to or better work and working with more senior strategists. The more personalized relationship will oftentimes lead to more effective strategies and a better return.

6. Data-backed Decision Making

The best agencies are not only developing strategies that innovate, but they also work to reduce risk. By utilizing data and a methodical approach to marketing, agencies should be making decisions that are logical. Look for decisions backed not just by expertise but by data. Agencies that are willing to develop out a process will have more success.

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Eno Reyes

Eno Reyes is the Co-Founder and Director of Strategy at 23cubed, a Digital Marketing Firm in Princeton, NJ. They have been leading Princeton digital marketing and are always looking to help empower local businesses with digital marketing skills. Visit their website for a free digital marketing consultation.

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