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5 Reasons You Are Not Getting Visitors to Your Website

Author: Ashlie Lopez
Getting a regular stream of traffic to your website is the goal of every SEO professional. This is the lifeblood for any ecommerce business. As a result, digital marketing companies in Dubai are always alert to any decline in website traffic since this can point to different problems with the content or performance of the website.

In this article, we discuss 5 of the most common reasons why any website might suffer from declining numbers of online visitors. These reasons emanate from different factors, including the quality of the content to search engine algorithms and the performance of the website. By being aware of these reasons, website owners can improve their SEO strategies and regain lost online traffic.

1. Your website is affected by changes in algorithms

Sometimes, the drop in website traffic might be temporary and not entirely your fault. This happens each time Google launches a new update or modification to its algorithm. Momentarily, this can result in a change in your website ranking and the volume of traffic it attracts. However, as mentioned, this is temporary and soon your traffic will revert to its normal levels. The change might be slower if your website is relatively new, does not have a large volume of published content, and does not pursue a multichannel marketing strategy.

2. You are practicing outdated SEO methods

The field of SEO is becoming increasingly sophisticated with every passing day. Consequently, what worked yesterday might not work today and definitely won’t make the cut tomorrow. However, a lot of agencies do not realize this and persist in using outdated methods that do not comply with the latest search engine protocols. At times the methods that these companies use fall into the black hat or grey hat categories that might even result in your website getting backlisted for future listings on any search engine.

3. You are not investing in upgrading website performance

While this is not entirely related to the task of producing content, the performance of the platform is a key factor in how often visitors come to your website. If your website performs slowly, i.e. it is slow to load or does not load as effectively on one device than others, then even the best quality content becomes inaccessible to your target audience. Hence, you should work on improving the technical aspects of your website, such as loading speed, uptime, and other factors that enhance the user experience.

4. You are publishing low quality online content

With regular updates to the Google algorithm, the bar for good quality content simply gets raised higher and higher. This means that not only should your content satisfy the criteria of these new and upcoming updates, it should be inherently of a good quality. In other words, it should be original, informative, and SEP compliant. Moreover, it should be on a topic that has not been covered in depth by other websites or if it does should offer a truly unique perspective to the audience.

5. You are targeting the wrong keywords

The selection of the right keywords is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Often, in their zeal to rank for the most popular keywords, people make the mistake of overlooking competition. There are three broad factors that can be identified for selection of keywords, i.e. keyword length (short-tail versus long-tail keywords), average monthly searches and competition. It is common sense to choose keywords that are low competition because fewer websites would be competing with you for ranking for the same keywords. This increases your chances for ranking on the first SERP for that keyword even if it has a limited number of monthly searches.

To Sum It Up

The best way of increasing your website traffic is to continuously adapt to the latest trends in SEO by consulting with a professional SEO expert. Relying on firms that guarantee overnight success on ranking is an unwise decision that can have undesirable consequences for your website ranking in the long term. The only way to success is to consistently work on improving the quality of your content, choosing the right keywords and upgrading the performance of your website. By making these changes, even on an incremental basis, you will regain any lost traffic and even attract new visitors in no time.

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