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Why Riverside is Ideal Now

Located right outside of Los Angeles in Southern California, Riverside radiates with history and culture. The city is known for its various museums and historic parks. Also home to several colleges and universities, such as California Baptist University and La Sierra University, Riverside brings in students from all over and embodies a college-town feel. About twenty-five neighborhoods spread across Riverside, some suburban and others more urban, which give the city a truly unique ambiance. Due to its historic features, college campuses, and local residents, Riverside’s business district thrives and would be an ideal city to start your business in.

The Riverside Business Community

Riverside’s business community spreads throughout its diverse neighborhoods and is centered in the city’s Downtown area. The district consists of both small and large businesses, within a wide variety of industries, and prospers due to its professional business organizations. The Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce has about 1,300 members and encourages networking amongst the city’s businesses. By hosting networking events like seminars, professional mixers, and guest speakers, the Chamber of Commerce enables businesses to align with one another and form strategic connections. Additionally, the organization has several councils and committees that meet monthly, such as the Governmental Affairs Council and the Business Education Partnership Council. All in all, the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce brings together Riverside’s businesses and enhances the city’s business community as a whole.

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Riverside’s Business Environment

Since Riverside’s business environment continues to prosper, opportunities for new businesses pop up constantly. Starting up a business in Riverside is straightforward and only entails a few steps. First, business owners must register their business’ fictitious name before applying for a City of Riverside Business License. If you plan on building or renovating a structure, you must secure a Building Permit. Depending on the type of business, owners must obtain any additional necessary licenses. For example, if the business requires a Reseller’s License, then the owner must apply for that as well. Moreover, if your business prepares or sells food, then you must apply for an Environmental Health Permit, which is issued by the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health. As for selling or leasing physical property, your business must apply for a Sellers Permit. Overall, starting up a business in Riverside is uncomplicated and is another reason for you to settle down your business in this inviting city.

The Future of Riverside, CA

Riverside’s unique features, inclusive business community, and thriving economic environment all contribute to the city’s success. So are you ready to settle down your business and take advantage of what Riverside has to offer?

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