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Danville, California is a town located in Northern CA that stands by their motto to “Live Locally”. Its beginnings were founded by Native Americans who lived off the land and established a farming community, where they flourished for some time. Danville was established as a residential and business community in 1947, and they have seen considerable population growth since this time. Although no longer a farming community, these roots are still seen in the majority of the town. Further, the community of individuals present in Danville is part of what makes the town so special. In 2018, Danville was voted the safest community in California, and they are very deserving of this title. Everyone who lives in Danville is committed to making their community as welcoming and successful as it can be, which is largely reflected in their business community. Nicknamed the “Heart of the San Ramon Valley”, Danville welcomes visitors from all over the valley to their businesses, which helps them thrive year-long. Danville was recently voted as the 14th wealthiest zip code in America by Business Insider, which is reflected in the real estate as well as the caliber of the businesses located in town. Choosing Danville as a home for your family or business would open the door to many possibilities for success in the near future and long-term.

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Danville, California

Danville, California

The business community in Danville is focused on continued success. One of the major landmarks in town, Clock Tower Square, is located at the center of the business district and holds a historical clock tower that is used as an emblem representing Danville’s past, present, and future. Although they have rejuvenated the Clock Tower over time since the town’s founding, they have kept the same look and structure as an ode to their past. The town is currently in the process of adding to the already large and successful shopping area surrounding Clock Tower Square, which will create a bright future for Danville businesses. Additionally, Danville has a very active Kiwanis International Club, which is an organization dedicated to serving the community by supporting youth education. Many local business leaders sit on the board, which allows businesses in Danville to be a part of the larger global community. The Kiwanis Club hosts a 4th of July parade every year which brings 40,000 people to Danville to celebrate. Not only does this bring a great deal of business to the Danville community on the day of the parade, but also it provides the public with a way to learn about all that Danville has to offer to incentivize them to come back. Last, because of the moderate climate present in the San Francisco bay area that Danville is located in, the community has a very active outdoor lifestyle at any time of the year. The Iron Horse Trail is a hiking, running, walking, and biking trail that runs through Danville and brings many people through Danville on a daily basis. The business community of Danville is focused on serving residents and visitors, and is supported by individuals visiting for events, daily exercise, and also the notable businesses themselves. Danville chiropractor, Dr. Tracey James highly recommends its collaborative business community and involved community.

Danville’s Business Environment

Danville’s business environment is focused on their motto to “Live Locally”. Most of the businesses source goods from the local community, which allows businesses to support each other. Danville hosts a weekly Farmer’s Market every Sunday throughout the year, which provides residents and visitors with bountiful fresh and local items and draws them to participate in Danville’s local business scene and chamber of commerce. Also, Danville hosts “Hot Summer Sundays Car Shows” every Sunday in July and August, which places hundreds of vintage automobiles in the spotlight for all community members to admire in the town center. They also bring live music for this event, which provides visitors with entertainment while they mingle, look at the cars, and shop at the many local businesses that participate in this event. Further, Danville hosts a FallFest every October to feature

The Future of Danville for Business

Danville, California is sure to grow significantly in the future in terms of their business success. New construction at their business center will open up doors for new businesses to enter, and continued support from the community will make Danville a top choice for people to choose to call home. Danville’s location outside of San Francisco provides a close choice for residents to visit one of America’s top cities, and the large area of nature nearby puts you in the perfect place to enjoy the best of both urban and rural lifestyles.

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