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Why Anaheim is Ideal Now

Located right outside of Los Angeles, Anaheim is home to many of California’s famous treasures. Attracting tourists from all over the globe, Anaheim draws people in with world-famous Disneyland Resorts, an amusement park that has eight separate themed lands, located in the Anaheim Resort neighborhood. Visitors also travel to Anaheim’s Southeast neighborhood to watch the Los Angeles Angels baseball team play at Angel Stadium and the Anaheim Ducks hockey team compete at the Honda Center. Since Anaheim’s tourist attractions and entertainment industry constantly bring in visitors to the area, the city’s economy flourishes tremendously. Consequently, local businesses located in Anaheim benefit from this constant traffic of tourists as well. Overall, Anaheim is an ideal city to start your business because of its constantly thriving business environment.

The Anaheim Business Community

Although Anaheim’s entertainment and tourism industries significantly contribute to the city’s business district, the area is also home to numerous other businesses of all sizes. Anaheim’s business community thrives off of its noteworthy business organizations. The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1895 and has been encouraging network amongst the city’s businesses ever since. Members of the Chamber make valuable connections with one another that lead to professional alliances, member-to-member discounts, and increased advertising for their businesses. Every month the Chamber of Commerce hosts several events for its members, such as After-Hours Mixers, Lead Lunches, and Governmental Affairs Committee Meetings. Furthermore, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce advocates for community events, which brings Anaheim businesses and residents together.

As for smaller business in Anaheim, joining the Anaheim Small Business Organization enables them to network with one another on a more intimate level. This small scale business organization allows small business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs to create strategic partnerships with each other through various networking events and gain more visibility in the business district. For instance, the Anaheim SBO hosts a variety of guest speakers and mixers for members throughout the year. All in all, Anaheim’s business community thrives off its professional organizations, which unifies both small and large businesses.

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Anaheim’s Business Environment

Thanks to its thriving business community, Anaheim constantly explodes with new business opportunities. Consequently, starting a business in Anaheim is easy and only consists of a few simple steps. To begin, startups in Anaheim must register their fictitious business name and contact the City of Anaheim Planning Department to identify the zones in which the business can be located. After choosing a location, business owners must register the business with the County Clerk’s Office. Regardless of the type of business, all owners must complete a brief Anaheim Business License application. Subsequently, business owners can apply for permits and licenses depending on what their businesses ential. For example, if owners plan on selling alcoholic drinks, they must apply for a license issued by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Any business that plans on selling or leasing physical property needs to obtain a Sellers Permit and businesses that prepare or sell food must receive a Health Permit. Finally, if owners decide to hire any employees, they must contact the Franchise Tax Board. Clearly, Anaheim’s business environment simplifies the steps to start a business, which is another reason why Anaheim is the perfect city to settle your business down in.

The Future of Anaheim

Anaheim’s future is exceptionally bright and with the addition of your business, it will get even brighter. The city attracts visitors from all across the world and is home to several business organizations and a prospering business environment.

The question then is, are you and your business ready to take advantage of all that Anaheim has to offer?

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